About Us


My Beginnings

My name is Marina. Since a young age I've been in love with the famous paintings on the stamps I collected. I was born in Armenia and raised in Ukraine spending summers in Russia's Black Sea. But, I always came back to famous artists work. In 1992, San Diego, CA became my favorite place on Earth to live. Since then it has been my home. Though I lived five years of that time in Waterloo, Belgium for my husband's work. There, I was the art director in the American Women's club of Brussels. Since 2003, I have been teaching children of Elementary schools in San Diego about famous artists paintings and inspiring them to create their own. Their encouragement led me to study the artists first hand all over the world, setting me to many incredible adventures. Now I'm ready to share all of that passion with your kids. 


My Favorite Work

At the end of the day, the work I enjoy the most is when Kids forget all about their worries and get absorbed in creating their own artwork. When I see a happy child that is proud of  his/her masterpiece, that is the magical moment!


My Life Today

I'm very lucky to be doing what I love. This business allows me to meet interesting new people all the time. While the children are looking at famous paintings, I am looking at the most precious artwork, which is your kids! I am happy when children are interested in learning new and exciting things. I hope we will be able to work together soon!